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what are customer returns lots?

People return merchandise for a number of reasons. It could be that: the item is the wrong size; it's an unwanted gift; it could have a scratch or dent or some other imperfection; the customer decided he or she didn't need the item; the mechandise didn't fit the customer's need or didn't work after he or she returned home.

Customer Returns and Overstock

Hardware and tools, which may include: air compressors; chainsaws; drill sets; drill presses; hand toolsv power tools; some electronics; nuts & bolts; saw blades; screws & accessories; plumbing items; tape measures; more.

Logos for hardware

All of our merchandise is from Major Department Stores
and is shipped directly from the Dept. Store Warehouse to you!
F.O.B. — FL, GA, CA, TX, OH, CT, MD, MO, IL ...

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