What is Store Stock/Surplus?

Store Stock consists of first quality merchandise that has gone beyond a store-aging standard that has to been taken from the store so new merchandise can be displayed. These lots may contain a small percentage of damaged or shopworn items and contain a wide assortment of merchandise. Please see BudgetCloseouts.com's Disclaimer for more information.

What are Customer Returns?

People return merchandise to the store for a number of reasons. It could be that: the item is the wrong size; it's an unwanted gift; it could have a scratch or dent or some other imperfection; the customer decided he or she didn't need the item; the merchandise didn't fit the customer's need or didn't work after returning home.

What is F.O.B. — Freight On Board?

F.O.B. ("Freight On Board") is the shipping point, which in this case, is the State from where your merchandise is shipped.

What is a manifest?

A manifest is a detailed list of the merchandise in a lot.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept Bank Wire Transfers and Bank Cashiers Checks. Bank Wire information will be attached to your invoice.

What types of shipping methods do you use?

We ship by major trucking lines or by ship for Export. We find that shipping bulk merchandise within the Continental US through major truckling lines is the most time and cost effective.

What Department Store(s) does the merchandise come from?

We are not allowed to advertise department store names but will gladly send you a list by request.